8 April 2019

About the artist…

Santiago Tavera is an interdisciplinary digital artist born in Colombia. He migrated to Canada at a young age where he began his exploration of digital culture in relation to the experience of a transcultural body. Santiago uses digital media as a tool for experimentation that can simulate a state of disembodiment. His creative-research explores digital media and its capacity to alter visual and spatial perception. His work examines viewers’ sensory stimulation within the digital realm and the physical one, exploring the effects digital media has on social interactions, communicational skills, inhabitation of spaces and notions of time. Santiago’s digital drawings and designs work as blueprints for potential immersive installations and interactive projects. He constructs digital architectural environments, where there is a constant translation between digital and physical lines, lights and colours.

Santiago holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) with a Specialization in Visual Arts and a Major in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario. He is currently completing his Masters in Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, where he currently resides.


About the work…

Models of Spatial Fictions is a series of digital animations from the Translational Spaces project. These graphic animations are designated by the artist as digital architectural environments within virtual landscapes. The visual plot is based on diagrams, cartoons, models of virtual architectures and drawings of structures in transition that explore the temporal and spatial movement of shadows and lights. It is a set of tables and dynamic spaces mainly composed of graphic and three-dimensional forms evoking places of memory, imagination, desire and dream, real or invented spaces. These animations are reflected in the website www.dssots.com, where the artist associates short fictional texts around the translation * of forms and identities in real and virtual spaces.


• Inkjet print. Archive quality paper acid free – Fuji Premium Matte 230g.  Format: 16×20 po. / 40×50 cm. Not framed.
• Flat rate of 150 $ CAN. Available at TOPO’s office without any other fee. If shipped, shipping and packaging costs will apply.