8 April 2019

About the artist…

Born in Los Angeles, Oli Sorenson has lived and worked in London (UK) between 1999 and 2010, to combine his artistic activities with curatorial work (including several events at Tate Britain, the Institute of Contemporary Art and the British Film Institute). Sorenson has often exhibited internationally, including at the Millennium Museum (Beijing), the Media Art Institute (Amsterdam), ZKM (Karlsruhe) and DokFest (Kassel). He performs regularly in media festivals such as ISEA (Helsinki and Nagoya), Mapping Festival (Geneva) and MAF (Bangkok). He is now based in Montreal, Canada since 2010.

As a remix artist, Sorenson defines his practice by subverting preconceptions of originality and singular authorship, an approach that is often delivered via media performance projects in festive and collaborative contexts. His explorations are fed particularly by a fascination for the overabundance of content and information available online, as much as a critique of the strict copyright rules imposed on mechanically and digitally reproducible media.


About the work…

The Pistoletto Video project is a continuation of my recent remix work, which involves borrowing the creative gesture of other artists to direct them towards materials and issues that have not yet been explored by these authors. Here I destroy LCD screens in the same way that Michelangelo Pistoletto breaks his big mirrors. I’m tackling technological materials to produce a multitude of performance artifacts, such as those broken LCD screen photos.


• Inkjet print. Archive quality paper acid free – Fuji Premium Matte 230g.  Format: 20×16 po. / 50×40 cm. Not framed.
• Flat rate of 150 $ CAN. Available at TOPO’s office without any other fee. If shipped, shipping and packaging costs will apply.