© Labyrinth Project / Annenberg Center

Challenging the borders between autobiography, memory, history and fiction, this interactive memoir presents a diverse array of personal materials by and about John Rechy, a Chicano writer from Texas, and sets them against larger collective histories of Chicano culture and the gay world.

• Writing and production:
Marsha Kinder in collaboration with John Rechy

• Interface design: Kristy H.A. Kang & James Tobias, in consultation with William S. Hughes & Marsha Kinder

• Art director : Kristy H.A. Kang

• Videography & photography:
Laurel Almerinda, William S. Hughes

• Sound design :James Tobias

• Programming: William S. Hughes

• Executive producer : Marsha Kinder
• Associated producers: Alison Trope , Cristina Venegas

• A co-production of The Labyrinth Project and the Center for Art and Media ZKM. Annenburg Center for Communication, University of South California, 2000

Original English version, Macintosh™ and Windows™