Boris Dionne, Yuani Fragata, Mario Lelièvre

HAIJIN invites you into a world where time has taken the time to pass, and where space is as infinite as the Japanese poetic imaginary. In this virtual space it is up to you to participate or to assist in the creation of haiku, a Japanese poetic form consisting of three phrases that expresses the quintessence of the contemplation of nature.

• Direction : Boris Dionne, Yuani Fragata, Mario Lelièvre
• Texts : Hiroko Okata (Suiha) + classical japanese poets
• Images : Boris Dionne
• Sound track :Yuani Fragata, Mario Lelièvre
• Programming : Mario Lelièvre

zéro_degré, 2000
Original version – French/Japanese
Macintosh™ and Windows™

Price : 25 $ CAN