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During February 1999, ISEA offered web creation workshops to Dakar artists, in order to produce multimedia african web fictions.

Five art projects were created with twenty professionnal artists working in the various fields of the visual arts, sound and literature.

Realized at the Metissacana, the first cyber cafe in Western Africa, DAKAR WEB was directed by three Montreal artists :
Eva Quintas, photographer and initiator of the project for ISEA,
Michel Lefebvre, writer and multimedia producer and
Catherine McGovern, web art producer.

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In a rather cynical way, the artist presents “chronicles of a contemporary, fundamentally pornographic society, shocking domestic performances, grating humour …”. He takes takes you over and questions on what you felt on seeing his images then carries you firther along your mutimedia «martyrdom». The Worst of Connanski is a non-interactive fiction on a unfriendly and semi-linear CD-ROM.

• Script, Video and Direction :
Loïc Connanski

© Loïc Connanski, 1998
with the support of FIACRE

Heure exquise !

Macintosh™ and Windows™

Price : 65 $ CAN

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Shock in the Ear is an experimental new media art work, which evokes the moment of shock and its aftermath, as a sensual experience. Mixing music and texts, from culture shock to electric shock and reverberating beyond into shock aesthetics, it resonates with deep and abrupt physical and physical and psychic change.

• Concept, Direction and Sound : Norie Neumark
• Painting and design : Maria Miranda
• Music : Richard Vella
• Technical Producer and Programmer : Greg White
• Interface Consultant : David Bartolo

© Norie Neumark, 1998.
Developed with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission, the New Media Arts Board of the Australia Council for the Arts, the Listening Room, ABC Radio Arts, and The University of Technology, Sydney are gratefully acknowledged

English Version for Macintosh™ only

Price : 65$ CAN

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In the midst of a baroque city that endlessly liquidates, follow TOPO Agency’s investigation in LIQUIDATION, a multimedia photo-novel from author Michel Lefebvre and photographer Eva Quintas.


Launched in January `98 simultaneously on the web and at the radio show Les décrocheurs… d’étoiles (Radio-Canada FM), the three 30 minute episodes of this French web-radio drama surprisingly combine fixed images and sound, as interpreted by 15 actors. Liquidation has become in its ultimate format, a random photonovel on CD-ROM, with 18000 photographs and a 4 hour soundtrack, with original music and dialogues with 25 interpreters. (cdrom Liquidation).

Presentation :

  • Festival international du film de l’internet, Lille, France, March 2000
  • European Media Art Festival (EMAF), Onasbrück, Germany, May 1999
  • Biennale de Montréal, summer 1998
  • Broadcasting, Radio-Canada FM, January 1998

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Beyond is a myterious virtual world. In a playful spirit of philosophical inquiry, it explores the paradoxes of technology, desire and the paranormal posed since the birth of mechanical reproduction; the phonograph severing the voice from the body, photography capturing the soul and cinema resurrecting the dead.


• Direction, images, programming
Zoe Beloff

Zoe Beloff, 1997

Original English Version
Macintosh™ and Windows™

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