UNCOMPRESSED is an interactive film that allows viewers to choose the path that they will follow. Finding themselves in the middle of a world not far removed from science fiction, viewers become involved in a story avout human cloning. Six character’s tales are told from their own perspectives. The interface allows the audience to view Read more »


Voxelations: Her Voice is an interactive work featuring kinetic image and text, and sound. It is a modular work that combines photographic images of real women, and images from the media, advertising and other representations in the public domain. The interface makes use of a linear structure, based on true stories from my mother’s personal Read more »

Act as a free person

A reflection on freedom in interactive media, where pictograms are used to navigate through a diversity of poetic, visual and question-raising multimedia tableaux. A non-linear adventure that never takes you to the same place in the same way, and where you can’t go back on your steps… AUTHORS • Concept and direction : Alain Brunet, Read more »

Paris réseau

Paris Network assembles photographs, sound samples, animations and texts to form a composite, layered image of the city, combining digitized traces of physical places and people with information garnered from individual and collective memory. As the map turns around in a spiral movement, you seem to move in, from one zone to another, toward the Read more »


A journey through a living diary made up of video portraits and poetic texts through which the author reveals herself directly and unmasked. At once thought and scream, the CD-ROM PARENTHESE can only come to life through the user’s’ active exploration of images, words and sounds. PARENTHESE contains hidden words and interactive poetic games. It Read more »


HAIJIN invites you into a world where time has taken the time to pass, and where space is as infinite as the Japanese poetic imaginary. In this virtual space it is up to you to participate or to assist in the creation of haiku, a Japanese poetic form consisting of three phrases that expresses the Read more »