Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. La popularité d’outils de cartographie et de visualisation terrestre se fait grandement sentir dans l’expérience du web. L’emploi de systèmes de géolocalisation Read more »

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One lost cell phone, four ficticious identities. The curator Élène Tremblay has invited four artists, Marie-Josée Hardy, Maryse Larivière, Marcio Lana-Lopez and James Prior to create works where their probable identities could spread. Presentation: Articule, septembre 2007, Articule, Montréal Festival Val d’Argent, Février 2008, France E-Fagia, février 2009, Toronto File, March 2009, Sao Paulo

Astres / Stars / Goleuadau

This e-poetry project, is based on a poetic body of work of the Canadian-Welsh author Childe Roland and the images of the Canadian photographer Susan Coolen. Astres / Stars / Goleuadau stands as a metaphorical representation of the black holes in astronomy and the death of supernovas. The series is composed of sound poems in Read more »

Who is…

Who is…? is a body of work presenting with texts, photos and videos artist’s portraits created by Swedish artist Magnus Bärtås. These «biographies» articulate themselves around a series of statements, short sentences reconstituted through the memories of conversations between the author and the artists met randomly during journeys throughout the world. Agence TOPO proposes a Read more »


Inspired by the the musical object’s modes of circulation, its iconographic markers and its serial representations: (cds, vinyls, flyers), Post-Audio NetLab is a space of interaction, exchange and socialization that fictionally simulates the codes of today’s music culture. The starting point is an invented collection of over 400 album covers, each one of which is Read more »


Civilities is a modular, collective fiction that brings together some ten Montreal artists from a range of disciplines and backgrounds who offer diverse perspectives on “living together.” The invited artists explore potential spaces of confidence, reconciliation and the cohabitation of persons, peoples and religions. From the rules of religious fundamentalisms to the movements of anonymous Read more »